Enforcement & Government Agencies

Urban transportation system on motorways and monitoring of vehicles parking status have been a great challenge in these years. Numbers of vehicles are in the rise and spaces allocated for parking bays are thus inadequate.

Transport Authority in Malaysia, while continues to improve these challenges, need to quickly equip with a solution to curb the growing faults especially dealing with public safety. Many drivers have not been abiding the local laws in using the motorways.

Dascom has engaged with the software development team and supplied a total solution platform where authorized Transport officer shall halt driver who go against the law with a printed summon. The solution provides accessories on belt, carrying pouch, long lasting battery, and print roll. Printout is clear and tearing is made simple. This operation, together with verification of driver identity, merely takes one third of the normal time.

Maintenance of DP-541 is very low. The printer is manufactured by Dascom factory and certified of IP54, have high tolerance on drop test as well as water resistant. The printer is thus suitable for outdoor use.

DP-541 printer is also used to monitor haphazard parking and violation of compliance shall be penalized heavily. Clamping is introduced and officer would issue a ticket generating from the print of DP-541, showing vehicle details and the compound amount.

Owner of vehicle would only get a release when an E-payment is made, and DP-541 would subsequently generate an official receipt. All detailed transaction is completed and data captured for back office use.


Mobile Series

DASCOM mobile printers offer greater flexibility at low costs. Thanks to various printing widths and speeds, we offer the right solution for all applications.