Hassle Free Label Printing

Ecommerce business has taken a further step to be absolutely accurate on delivery, ensuring error free in providing fast and reliable delivery. Therefore, information given on the parcel must be clear and legible.

Dascom works with many ecommerce partners located in Indonesia, Singapore and The Philippines, providing models DL-210 and DL-820 ensuring an efficient and fast printing of ecommerce labels, which are in different width, length and sizes.

Both models focus on the printing requirement and are able to cater the voluminous and continuous print flow. There is no interruption and ecommerce personnel can pick up the Consignment label printout and continue their next course of workflow.

DL-210 and DL-820 are also being applied in the inventory system of all incoming stock. Inventory arrival and taken for repacking requires proper location for pick up. For easy and exact identification of stock location, sticker labels with barcodes are printed to enable easy scanning process.

This has been very helpful for smooth flow of delivery.

Thermal Label Series

DASCOM thermal printers offer greater flexibility at low costs. Thanks to various printing widths and speeds, we offer the right solution for all applications.