From Light Duty to Heavy Duty
From Service Counter to Service Centre

A major part of the Malaysian Banking sector has been enjoying the conveniences and services by using Dascom printers in their various daily needs to generate printout largely required internally and for customers. This has been highly successful when Dascom team continues to engage the updated IT facilities as well as customized firmware to match with the Banking Industry.

  • Dascom model 2610+, a 136 column dot matrix printer, has been widely performing from light to medium duty in generating daily closing report, updating its day operation with continuous paper flow uninterrupted.
  • The high speed model of 2820, another 136 column printer, caters for online adhoc reports in the credit department, giving accurate timing of credit transaction done.
  • Special solutions at banking counter secures fast customer service and the flatbed passbook printer model T5040 continues to serve various transactional forms required. The banks enjoy the many benefits including the uniformity of the ribbon life.
  • Dascom caters label printing requirement for the bank Asset Department for tagging and fulfils other areas where short-page receipts are demanded. Model DT-330 receipt printers are installed.

Passbook Series

T5040 printer’s flatbed design guarantees the most secure paper handling. It has advanced features such as automatic document alignment and automatic print head clearance. All these offer unsurpassed ease-of-use.

Dot Matrix Series

DASCOM dot matrix printers feature a stable construction, while their automatic functions make them the ideal partner for business-critical areas.