Industrial High Performance Printing

Dascom has rolled out its new fast printing work horse printers in Quarter 3 of 2020. There are 2 models, differentiating their respective printing speed, namely model 2810 and 2820. Depending on the clients’ request and application, these models are most suitable for users managing Logistic arrangement, Warehousing management and organization that churns continuous reports for updating. A public listed company in Malaysia anchoring itself at the Property Industry has a fleet of 2820 printers. Individual unit or more than one unit are placed at its property development site, very demandingly generating progress report in labour resource planning and raw materials input. Each station of this development will trigger other departments to take subsequent action.

Not only at its sites, ready occupied property continues to use 2820 to monitor building maintenance, householders billings and sharing of utility bills. This is voluminous and require a high speed printer to complete the job for due remittance from each householder.

Warehousing management agency takes the 2810 to generate continuous Picking List, Delivery Orders and Invoices to ensure timely of loading and subsequent despatch. Generally, many departments or outlets are involved, and such printed documents are in multi-ply so that each will receive a duplicate copy.

2810 and 2820 printers, housed with its Heavy Duty Print Head and Auto Gap Adjustment, provides multi-ply paper feeding and facilitated by this Auto Gap to ensure smooth flow in printing. Many users in the warehousing has made 2810/2820 printer their preference as the printer is Ethernet ready and many can queue to generate reports from their many desk top position.

Dot Matrix Series

DASCOM dot matrix printers feature a stable construction, while their automatic functions make them the ideal partner for business-critical areas.

Thermal Label Series

DASCOM thermal label printers offer greater flexibility at low costs. Thanks to various printing widths and speeds, we offer the right solution for all applications.